Research interests
          "embracing a vast field in my vision"

General Research Interests

Envisioning and realizing philosophical, economic, scientific, and technology-aided futures that have a widespread beneficial impact on the potentiality of humanity

Topic areas: philosophy, economic theory, complexity theory, quantitative risk management, collaborative intelligence, crowd models, digital art, big data, the quantified and qualified self, science fiction

Specific Research Interests

Philosophy: temporality, duration, difference, vagueness, virtuality, representation, the new, epistemology, knowledge generation, posthuman existentialism, the self, personal utility functions, design, aesthetics, art, computational philosophy, authenticity, biotechnicity, fourth person perspective

Science: genomics, microbiomics, aging, synthetic biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, DNA nanotechnology, biomolecular interface, health 2.0, quantified self-tracking

Meta: universal laws, entropy, complex adaptive systems, symmetry, turbulence, network theory, graph theory

Futurist: human augmentation, intelligence, integration of machines and biology, future economics, prediction markets, post-scarcity economy

Project Archive (2006-2009)

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