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How individuals, businesses and communities earn and deploy income is changing. Economic transactions have added dimensionality through self-expression, reputation-building, broadcast, personalization, feedback loops, group power aggregation and affinity selection. Below are some examples of enabling solutions in various stages of development categorized by economic activity.

Affinity Investing Affinity Philanthropy Affinity Purchasing Affinity Earning Virtual Economies
SRI Funds Debt:
P2P Lending Venture Capital: Real Estate:
  • P2P Mortgage
  • Pooled Investment
Prediction Markets:
Social Network: Donation: Personalization:
  • Crowdsource badges
  • Personal foundations
  • Organic
  • Local
  • Free trade
Attribute Identification
and Certification: Affinity Marketplaces: Affinity Comparison: Community: Personalization:
Labor-as-a-service: IP Marketplaces: Crowdsourcing Ideas: Social Capital Network: Alternative Currencies: MMORPG: Metaverse Worlds: Platform:

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